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"Breathe Deeper,

Hug Harder,

Tolerate Less!"

YOUR Happiness Starts HERE

What is a Liquid Sunshine Life?


Always looking for a positive spin, a silver lining, the better of two evils, the name of this practice “Liquid Sunshine Life” stems from an optimists' view of rain.


Life altering misfortunes such as stress, illness, loss of a job or a loved one can often times result in fear, doubt and lonely moments. Liquid Sunshine Life is a resource for clients who need a friend, a hand to hold, encouragement and healing support while transitioning through a rough patch. We offer ways for clients to learn to navigate their own stormy seas and to find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

Tips for Living Your Best Life 

The Liquid Sunshine Life Blog is a collection of inspirations, tips and practices that have helped others. 

No one has all of the answers, but if we pick up little bits as we go perhaps we can discover what works best for ourselves along the way.

What is it that will make you HAPPY?


For each one of us "happiness" has a different meaning, for some this is unsure. Whether you are in search of... or looking for more, we'll help you find some.

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