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Our Team

Sandy O'Brien

As a long time massage recipient, our founder, Sandy O’Brien utilized massage to help with chronic back pain and migraine for over twenty years. After a bout with breast cancer in 2011, Sandy decided to learn more about the modalities that brought her so much comfort through uncomfortable times. Graduating from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in 2014, Sandy opened a massage studio in Conshohocken where she practices numerous types of massage and energy work. Sandy is also a Registered Nurse (having used the pandemic unemployment situation to continue her life-long learning quest.)


As part of her practice Sandy also coaches clients through crisis. As a  Licensed Massage Therapist, a Therapeutic Art Life Coach and a Positivity Coach, Sandy is dedicated to helping her clients to find what makes them feel happy and healthy.

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Get to know these awesome folks who I have worked with and I endorse for their services and products whole heartedly as not  only a colleague and friend but as a client myself...


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David Missimer

David is one of the best Fitness Experts I have ever met.


Karin Montini

Karin is super talented, let her make your space beautiful!

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Beth Villante

This lady is a Super Hero. Addiction to Extinction advocate and  motivator!

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