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Betcha Didn't Know...

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

MASSAGE is really good for you, well, not just you, it's good for just about everyone. Read on to discover why...

Most people I know LOVE to get a massage, a select few can't stand it but for the most part massage is way up there on the list of ways to pamper oneself. And massage doesn't just feel good, it has tremendous benefits for the recipient as well.

Here are some great reasons to get a massage (borrowed from the AMTA website):
  • It's a stress reliever!

  • It's a pain reliever!

  • It's an anxiety reducer!

  • It's a low-back pain reliever!

  • It's a muscle tension reducer!

  • It's and excercise performance enhancer!

  • Its a headache reliever!

  • It helps one sleep better!

  • It eases depression symptoms!

  • It improves cardiovascular health!

  • It reduces arthritis pain!

  • It improves balance in older adults!

  • It tempers the effects of dementia!

  • It promotes relaxation!

  • It lowers blood pressure!

  • It increases range of motion!

  • It improves the quality of life in hospice care!

  • it reduces chemotherapy-related nausea!

Quite honestly massage is more impressive than any one drug could ever be. The benefits are overwhelming... AND it feels good. What more reason do you need? SCHEDULE A MASSAGE TODAY!

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