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Getting Your Ducks In A Row

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Are you an organized person? Could your world use a bit more tidying up? Almost everyone I know says they have a junk drawer that needs cleaning or a closet that needs going through. The process of actually completing these tasks has tremendous benefits.

Have you ever stayed in a nice, new hotel room? Just a bed, a chair, a desk, crisp white linens, a bathroom counter with simple glass and just a few small bottles of product. Everything lined up and organized just so... It feels good doesn't it? Why do we have to go on vacation to relax?

There's no need to be on vacation or in a hotel to relax and be organized! We can have that all the time if we really want to. Here are a few simple tips to help you get there.

If you simplify your stuff you can also simplify your life. If you have shoes in your foyer, and under your bed, and in the hall closet, and in your gym bag, and in the back of your car. Where are your red pumps? Do you know with any amount of certainty where they really are? Get It Outa the ClosetEmpty the drawers, empty the closets, empty everything. If it needs to be organized then get it all out in the open. Empty the laundry hamper, the washer, the closet in the basement and the attic too. Thin The HeardLet's start by getting rid of some stuff. I will go out on a limb here and guess that you might have a thing or two, or quite possibly ten bags full of stuff that you no longer need, want or use any more. Let's get started, shall we? Go grab a box of trash bags, when I accomplished this monumental task I used great big green contractor bags for trash and tall white kitchen bags for things to be donated or given away. Things to be sold went into the garage. Now START CHUCKIN'! Don't be shy about it, touch each thing, hold it in your hands, ask yourself "Does this bring me joy?" There are a few items that may not bring you joy that are exceptions and you'll just need a place for such things, but we can work that out later. Goodbye FeliciaKick your crap to the curb, take it to a thrift store, give it to a neighbor but whatever you do, DO NOT OPEN THE BAGS. Do not share them with a family member or anyone in your home or that crap will make it's way back into your life. Say your goodbyes and end your relationship with that stuff. You are now going to make room for the stuff that you decided you want to keep and love. Now Go Clean Up Your MessThis is my favorite part. Organize your stuff by category and figure out where it's going to live. Reorganize drawers, office supplies, socks, underwear, clothes, shoes and so on. Give each thing a home. Keep like things together, don't put tape in three different drawers, give tape one home, make your tape a family. Do this with everything, if you give it a home, it's more likely to find its way back if it has an address. ENJOYOnce you have a home for the things that make you happy. You'll feel better, you'll be more organized and your life will be easier. Just think about all the time you'll save looking for tape now? Or your red pumps?

If it was easy, everyone would do it, right? So set aside a few days where you can be alone in your world to get organized, to clean out and get back on track. You'll be glad you made this investment in yourself. At the writing of this post, I am 2/3 of the way through my reorganization process. I have two more rooms and one more bathroom to go (getting my kids rooms done is also on the list, but I know that will be a lot more challenging because they are pack rats). I honestly have to say that I know where my stuff is now. I dragged 13 contractor bags to the curb and I donated 10 tall kitchen bags and two SUV loads of stuff to the thrift store. I do not miss that stuff at all, and my life is lighter and easier as a result.

Good Luck in your organizational quest. Need a little extra help? Our professionals can lend a hand. See the services tab for ideas and options.

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